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Title: The Gift Equality Theorem
Written For: [profile] t1gertasha, who had the winning bid at [community profile] help_haiti and asked for something with Penny and Sheldon!
Word Count: 329
Summary: Sheldon ponders what to get for Penny's birthday.
Fandom: TBBT
Characters/Pairings: Penny, Sheldon
Rating/Warnings: G
Author's Notes: Set during the latter half of Season 2. Spoilers for 2.11, "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis."

Leonard bustled about the apartment, debating to himself potential gift ideas. He was on the point of annexing the white board when Sheldon looked up from his laptop disinterestedly. )
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Title: Sources
Author: [profile] magpieinthesky
Written for: [profile] 12days_of_clois Christmas Challenge
Prompt: Newspaper
Category: Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman
Rating: G
Word Count: 757
Summary: Lois learns to give the gift of sharing this New Year's.
Spoilers: Up through 1.13, "Witness," though I use a character first introduced in 2.07, "That Old Gang of Mine."
Author's Notes: I played a bit with the order of episodes in the first season of TNAOS. In my world, "Witness" happened before the New Year (though it originally aired Jan. 9th).

As Lois took a cautious sip of her coffee, the newspaper crinkled and was folded neatly, revealing three heaping plates of various breakfast foods, a mug of what Lois supposed was hot chocolate - though it was smothered with whipped cream so it was hard to tell - and the man sitting next to her, who took the opportunity of having a free hand to begin stuffing the foods into his mouth. )
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Title: Growing Up
Summary: "I am much too young to marry or act like the princes in these fairy tales just yet." Set 15 1/2 years after the events of the movie, Prince Ahmed resists following in his brother's footsteps
Rating: G
Word Count: 706
Pairing: Ahmed/Charlotte
Spoilers: The whole movie :)
Author's note: So in my head!canon, Ahmed is Naveen's younger brother's name. Originally posted at the PatF spam party.

And they all lived happily ever after, the end. )
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Title: Gravy
Summary: "Gravy," he said. "Surprise me." (2.02 The Scorpion and the Toad)
Rating: G
Word Count: 250
Pairing: Ted/Robin
Spoilers: Through 2.02
Author's note: This is what happens when I look up things. And have multiple midterms to complete by tomorrow :/

Ted groaned and rolled over. )
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So for some crazy reason after rewatching the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I decided to go looking for fic. And there's definitely plenty of it! But... I don't know why, but I feel myself inexorably attracted to the Zuko/Katara pairing. Why?? Who knows, but it is the first pairing that goes against canon that I have ever shipped. I idly thought that was where the show was going when I first watched, and was mildly disappointed by the Zuko/Mai pairing, which was always a bit weird to me. And after reading some of the fic out there, I know I ship Zutara (I guess that's their ship name?) hard.

This one fic... I'm still in the middle of it, but it is so good - and I know tons of others agree - over 2,000 reviews do. I feel like the author has really captured the voices of the characters, and I am just drawn into it. For anyone who's interested, it's called Stormbenders by Fandomme. Apparently this author's around on LJ too? I haven't tried to check out the LJ Avatar fic yet, but it seems like most of the quality fic I see on comes from someone on LJ. Hmmm... In any case. I highly recommend!

This fic rec brought to you by my wasted Saturday.
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Hey y'all - I just wanted to remind you that the auction over at [ profile] help_haiti is open until Noon EST on January 20th, so about 14 hours from now. My offer is here, and you can check out the comm for other fic, art, whatever if there's something else you'd like to bid on to help out. If you win an auction, then whatever you bid you would donate to one of a long list of charities dedicated to helping the relief effort in Haiti. You don't have to bid on my offer, but if you can help out at all, that would be amazing. On a personal note, I found out that three of my friends in the gospel choir I sing in don't know where their family members in Haiti are, in addition to my classmate whose mother is trapped under a building. Please try to help out the relief efforts if you can.

Thanks, everyone.
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Thank you, [ profile] mekosuchinae, for alerting me to this so I can spread the love to all of you!

On the off chance you hadn't heard, [ profile] help_haiti is a fandom auction to raise money to help with the recovery efforts in Haiti. Fans go and offer to create fic, art, icons, graphics, crafts, etc., and other fans bid on offers, with the winning bidder receiving the item in question after donating their bid in its entirety to a charity. A win-win!

My offer is here. I'm offering 10 drabbles between 100-500 words for one of the following fandoms (the fandom to be selected by the winning bidder, obvs.): HIMYM, TBBT, DCAU/whatever involves Lois & Clark, and The Princess and the Frog (if you're interested in me trying other fandoms, you can certainly ask). Additional info re: pairings, what I won't write, etc., can be found there.

I know many of y'all are both talented and socially conscious, so I hope you join in on this, whether by bidding and/or contributing items/fic!

The starting bid for my offer is $5! If you're interested. Again, my thread is here.
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For those on my f-list... you probably have ten other ways to access this, but what the heck, I'm still up and the delirium is setting in.

Title: Sometimes a Fantasy
Authors: [ profile] snogged and [ profile] magpieinthesky
Disclaimer: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas own How I Met Your Mother. We don’t. Please don’t sue.
Ratings: FRT-13/PG-13
Pairing: Wendy/Carl
Word Count: 1564
Summary: What if Marshall’s theory about Carl (from "The Pineapple Incident") was right?
Beta: None. We claim responsibility for all errors.
A/N: This was originally intended to be a fun story to do for the HIMYM RPG community until we both realized that this fic had the potential to fit into the canon HIMYM timeline. ::huggles snogged, who is made of awesome::

Follow the fake cut to glory/my fic comm!!!
(Wendy pushes the door to the break room open, eyeing the clock and covering a yawn.)

Sweet baby Jesus, this is my last post tonight, and I'm going to SLEEP. And hopefully get my homework done before class :P WORTH IT. Plus, 'tis the season, right??? ;) Happy October, everybody.
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Whew! While I am by no means as prolific as others, for my own sanity I have created a Fanfiction Master List over at my new fic comm, [ profile] noordinarybrain . You know. For those who are interested (and maybe that's only you, Mezz, but ask, and you shall receive! ::blows kisses::).
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Author:[ profile] magpieinthesky
Written for:[ profile] 12days_of_cloisSomewhere in Metropolis Challenge
Prompt:City Park
Word Count:700
Summary:Seven short scenes of Clark's life where Centennial Park's lovely benches take center stage.
Spoilers:Through season 4 of Smallville, I suppose. Beyond that is sort of AU future-ish.
Author's Notes:Unbeta'd, so concrit is most welcome and appreciated!
Benched )


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