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Title: Sources
Author: [profile] magpieinthesky
Written for: [profile] 12days_of_clois Christmas Challenge
Prompt: Newspaper
Category: Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman
Rating: G
Word Count: 757
Summary: Lois learns to give the gift of sharing this New Year's.
Spoilers: Up through 1.13, "Witness," though I use a character first introduced in 2.07, "That Old Gang of Mine."
Author's Notes: I played a bit with the order of episodes in the first season of TNAOS. In my world, "Witness" happened before the New Year (though it originally aired Jan. 9th).

As Lois took a cautious sip of her coffee, the newspaper crinkled and was folded neatly, revealing three heaping plates of various breakfast foods, a mug of what Lois supposed was hot chocolate - though it was smothered with whipped cream so it was hard to tell - and the man sitting next to her, who took the opportunity of having a free hand to begin stuffing the foods into his mouth. )
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Ask me a fandom, and I will tell you:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't

My Fandoms (let's see if I don't leave anything out): HIMYM, Superman/Smallville/Lois&Clark: TNAOS (too many shows/movies for the same thing!), Justice League, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, The West Wing, Glee, Castle, Dollhouse, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dr. Horrible, Jane Austen lit/film adaptations (pick a book, any book), and Two of a Kind

Thing I just realized: I can see Fenway from my cubicle! Whee!
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Whew! While I am by no means as prolific as others, for my own sanity I have created a Fanfiction Master List over at my new fic comm, [ profile] noordinarybrain . You know. For those who are interested (and maybe that's only you, Mezz, but ask, and you shall receive! ::blows kisses::).
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Author:[ profile] magpieinthesky
Written for:[ profile] 12days_of_cloisSomewhere in Metropolis Challenge
Prompt:City Park
Word Count:700
Summary:Seven short scenes of Clark's life where Centennial Park's lovely benches take center stage.
Spoilers:Through season 4 of Smallville, I suppose. Beyond that is sort of AU future-ish.
Author's Notes:Unbeta'd, so concrit is most welcome and appreciated!
Benched )
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Title: Have Some Good Cheer
[ profile] magpieinthesky 
Written For: [ profile] 12days_of_clois Christmas Challenge
Category: Pretty much AU - an amalgam of every genre. You could consider this a Smallville futurefic, but it's open to any category.
16. Caroling
Word Count: 
Clark finds an unexpected source of Christmas cheer on his first Christmas in Metropolis.
Author's Notes: 
This is unbeta'd, so please bear with any mistakes I may have made. In this fic, Jonathan Kent has been dead since Clark was in his late teens, as per Smallville and the movieverse. Clark has also been Superman for a few years, but has always gone to Smallville to celebrate despite living in Metropolis.

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Title: Meal Time, or Parasite Sucks!
Author: [ profile] magpieinthesky 
Written For: [ profile] 12days_of_clois  100 Challenge
Category: AU, but a lot of inspiration comes from Superman: TAS
Prompt: 62. Meal
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,718
Summary: Clark meets more than his match when a new villain appears in Metropolis
Author's Note: Just under the wire, but I'm happy to present to you:
Read more... )

oh, supes

Aug. 14th, 2006 10:27 pm
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i don't know if anyone really cares about superman spoilers, but just in case, in my distress over this movie i have a question to pose:

(i hope the writers thought of this, otherwise there is a problem with the world :PPP) )


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